The Vento Clean-System® (VCS) is a portable device designed for the ventilation and recovery of Volatile Organic Compounds from tanks and hoses during loading, unloading and ventilation, in the shipping, storage and aircraft industries. The VCS is a closed system, making it emission-free. The VCS is a portable system that can be used at almost any location. Jetties and sites that were previously ‘off limits’ for the manipulation of volatile products can now be utilised. Shifting berth or leaving the port is no longer necessary.
This fact offers you maximum flexibility in your cargo operations. Once empty, tanks are immediately reusable, and no further cleaning is necessary. Another advantage of the VCS is that it can handle the high flow rates generated when loading tankers. A single VCS can process 3,000 m3 of vapour per hour. It is also possible to link two VCS units together, thereby doubling the flow rate to 6,000 m3/hr.