Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) represent a challenge for the (petro) chemical sector. During the loading of (petro) chemicals at facilities at sea and on shore, a proportion of these chemicals (vapours/gasses and residues) remain in the tanks and hoses. Until now, these VOCs ended up in the ambient air, because there were few (useable) solutions for safely capturing and removing the vapours and residues from tanks and other forms of storage.
Common practice is ventilation into the open air. However, this is only permitted in restricted zones, preferably far from inhabited areas; the practice also results in unwanted and unacceptable burdens (stench and health hazards) to the environment in and around ports, rivers and seas. It is therefore no surprise that legislation in various countries is being adopted, to impose zero emission requirements.
Ventilation into the open air is also expensive in economic terms, time consuming (extra shipping hours) and an inadequate response.
However there is The Vento Clean System® …