The pollution caused by VOCs can be reduced to zero and the (indirect) CO² emissions significantly lowered. The Vento Clean System® is a closed system. Thanks to the unique condensation process on which the system is based, gasses and residues can very rapidly be returned to the original product, in liquid form. The high speed of operation together with the high ventilation capacity of the system are achieved by establishing a higher optimum temperature in the tanks and hoses. The heat is retrieved from the condensation process.

As a result, the duration of the condensation process is shortened, and energy consumption minimized. The condensation process is in fact a natural process that requires no chemical reaction in order to retrieve the original product. The retrieved products should therefore be suitable for reuse in the original product, depending on the atmosphere from which the condensate was extracted.

Use of the Vento Clean System® enables a rapid turnaround; in other words, the tanks can be reused immediately for another – compatible – product. Tank washing is generally not necessary. By using nitrogen, the entire cycle of loading, unloading and venting is made much safer, and there is hardly any waste. Environmentally-unfriendly ventilation is thereby made a thing of the past.
The additional shipping hours required for ventilation can be reduced, as can CO² emissions, port and lock charges, and in many cases it is more quickly possible to load a return cargo.
In short, the Vento Clean System® saves time and money for both ship operator and cargo owner. In addition to the advantages of the Vento Clean System® outlined above – all of which guarantee a rapid return on investment, in an improved environment – the working conditions are massively improved, as your people are less often required to work in protective clothing and masks. Finally, the system is also environmentally friendly. Remarkably, all of those advantages can be achieved with just a single, fully-mobile forty-foot container.