The Vento Clean System® is suitable for use with inland shipping vessels, coasters, deep-sea ships, tank terminals and aircraft tanks, for the storage, transport and venting of VOC products.
Onshore, the system can be used on return hoses for the retrieval and elimination of gasses during loading and unloading. The system can also be used for the sustainable retrieval of gasses and residues from storage tanks and tank containers.

The standard Vento Clean System® has been developed for the condensation of
volatile hydrocarbons, within the following physical parameters:

  • Melting point < 6°C;
  • Boiling Point > 30°C;
  • Auto ignition Temperature > 200°C;
  • Viscosity < 5 mPa.s.

The operating scope of the Vento Clean System® includes the following products: UN2398, UN1203, UN1267, UN1267, UN1280, UN1863, UN1230, UN1114, UN1993, UN1145. The standard VCS can also be used with other products as long as they
comply with the aforementioned parameters.

The standard Vento Clean System® operates with:

  • an adjustable evaporation temperature of between -30 and +10°C;
  • external suction/discharge pressure for the Roots Blower of 200hPa/150hPa;
  • an ambient air temperature of between -20°C and +40 (=38°C) °C with a saturated gas temperature between 0 and +30°C.